Pursuing Hope

Recently the judicial system in which democracies have placed so much hope decided against life. I’m sure many of you saw the story about Charlie the young baby who was determined to be unfit to fight for due to his terminal illness. This story made me incredibly mad for several reasons including the disregard for his parent’s, the giving and caring of thousands around the world, and the commitment of the U.S. doctor who offered to help. However, I want to focus on what this decision says about life apart from hope.

How many of us are daily exposed to stories of war, violence, and hatred? That’s fairly easy – all of us. How much trauma does the world experience every hour? How many people are suffering from the darkness that is ever present seeking to tear us apart? We live in a world where such concerns are a daily focus and such thoughts fill our minds casting down our high visions and mangling our goals. So what keeps us fighting and striving? Why do we continue to march into conflict and set visions and goals? Hope.

Now, in this world full of death and destruction Charlie’s parents were fighting for life, goodness, and hope and were withstood by those same institutions established to preserve, protect, and sustain life. What might possibly cause an individual to decide against life? A lack of hope in something bigger and better for little Charlie. Because those who decided against his life cannot comprehend loving and fighting for something as weak and broken as little Charlie. They try to justify and make it sound acceptable by saying that he is dying with dignity, but is that really fighting for Charlie or is it making a statement about his quality of life and right to live?

Why would someone vote against Charlie? Only a decided lack of hope in something higher and better, something which says there is more to life than a perfect body and mind. Something that justifies life as more meaningful than the perfection of physical attributes or what we in our humanity may value. Who are you to say that all that composes Charlie is his “imperfect” body and mind? Who are you to say his life can have no meaning here on earth? Who are you to say his parents cannot give their all for his life?

Saying no to Charlie’s life is to say no to precious life in the middle of a world torn by trauma and death. According to such rules at what point do you draw the line and say life is worth fighting for? Who is to say that those who made the decision are not too old or expensive to care for? To make such decisions in such a way is to play God, no matter how many agree with the decision. Life is precious and worth fighting for in all its forms, shapes and sizes. Is your life not worth fighting for too? History is filled with stories of imperfect people having a positive impact on the world around them because they had hope and shared with with the rest of us.

How To: Maximize Your Understanding of the World

For those of you who don’t know, Medium is an article producing, information sharing, online publishing platform. It was created by Evan (Ev) Williams, one of Twitter’s co-founders, in an effort to counteract the ubiquitous false news meant to generate clicks over content.

In Ev’s words Medium is meant to provide an outlet for, “those who maximize our understanding of the world but don’t necessarily maximize clicks.” Medium is about real stories and information that can further your learning and development.

Now I don’t know about you, but even my relatively limited news and social media feeds are chock full of clickbait. Sometimes the articles can look and sound pretty interesting, but the vast majority are fake or filled with complete bias.

I cannot tell you how many times I begin to read an article only to determine ten seconds later the author only published this because they already reached their 24hr post limit (#fakenews) on emotional Facebook rants.

If this hasn’t happened to you then you need read more often!

The impact on society from the proliferation of such clickbait junk is pejorative at best as it only raises tensions and prevents reasoned discourse from creating agreement and compromise.

One can never help to change how someone thinks by using emotions as as the justification, it only allows them to become more entrenched in how they feel about the subject.

Of course there may be times when people view facts from separate points of view or weigh them differently, but this shouldn’t mean you start the discussion by yelling or spreading disinformation.

These days there seems to be a common misperception that the more intensely you express your feelings the more likely you will be able to affect change.

However, since when did screaming at your dad, mom, or teacher ever actually get you what you wanted? More likely than not it resulted in restrictions and punishment. Why? Because that is no way to act for a grown-up – for some reason we were held to high standards (maybe because they wanted us to mature? I don’t know…training is complicated). Acting like a child and trying to get other equally worked-up children to agree with you won’t accomplish anything except for higher decibel levels.

Medium has set out on a mission to stand up for accurate, fair, well researched, information sharing. The cool thing is that it isn’t just for political junkies, but virtually any topic one might be interested in.

In other words, you’re invited!

I highly recommend checking it out – maybe you’ll learn something as opposed to just getting upset about the state of the world! I mean seriously, aren’t you tired of all the junk circulating? Remember what Abraham Lincoln said… “don’t believe everything you read on the internet.” 


Medium is a part of the effort to achieve meaningful discussion, learning, and change. Don’t you want to be a part of the, “platform for thoughtfulness, depth, and insight from independent thinkers?”

I’m excited for that vision!


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