Hello and Welcome!

My name is Britain Jacobson and I’m grateful to my parents every day for that awesome introduction! I grew up in Central Oregon and spent the vast majority of my time ages 6-18 outside, playing, waring, running, jumping, crawling, and thinking. In 2012 I shipped off to Virginia for college and now I live and work in Washington, DC. A pretty significant change! I still sometimes wish I could be a guide outfitter in Alaska.

I love a myriad of things and my mind is always active thinking of politics, life, and philosophy and I figured given my different experiences and lifestyle perhaps there might be something to share. Writing seemed like a good creative outlet and here I am!

NO, here WE are.

500WordThoughts is about the discussion of how humanity exists in a new technology ubiquitous world where how we have viewed the world for the past couple hundred years will be challenged and altered. This is one of the most exciting unknowns of our lifetime! How will the world change? How will we apply traditional philosophy to this new world? What does security and privacy look like in a world where you can access nearly anything from anywhere? Enemies can now target your life without ever meeting or even knowing you.

I think we will see increased economic integration, but how will this impact rival nation-state relations? There is no way government bureaucracy will be able to keep up with technology threat developments which means an increasing reliance on the private sector, but how do you maintain security and proper governmental authority structures?

In many ways this is the new world.

I hope you find the ideas and concepts shared here stimulating, encouraging, and just generally interesting (even if they’re different from your own)

Hope you enjoy. 

Britain J –