Social Media Was (is?) Wrecking My Life

I noticed a few weeks ago that I was on my phone all the time and it was eating away at my time.  I was constantly checking to see if a message of any sort had come through, often refreshing Instagram multiple times in a row to see if there was a new picture out there …as if that could possibly be worth the time it took swiping to refresh.

I noticed that my attention span beginning to shorten to where I could barely finish a book page before I checked my phone. Even 20 minute tv show episodes couldn’t hold my attention (granted, it wasn’t like I was watching 10/10 rated shows).

I was sitting, bored at my desk, putting off working towards my future, developing my business plan, hoping something interesting would pop up on Instagram, Snapchat, MAYBE even Facebook.

This trend eventually trickled down into a norm of getting less done in a day, when previously I was completing my undergrad, working up to 40hrs a week, and staying with a fairly active workout program.

My weekends were filled with wasted time on social media and lounging around watching tv shows.

Now, all this isn’t to say that such things are bad or a waste of time, but rather immersion eroded my use of the time I’ve been given. I believe firmly that we have a responsibility to use our time well and this is where I was failing in my life.


The Excuses:

I’m already successful, I can take this time to chill.

When I have a work or school assignment I can still get it done quickly and efficiently.

I don’t like to work on projects piecemeal, I’d rather just sit down and do it all at the same time.

But here is what those three excuses were keeping me from making progress on.


Developing my business plan

Developing my funding proposal

Going to conferences

Developing contacts


Writing in my journal

Reading my Bible

Reading books

My fitness regime (sometimes scrolling around kept me up too late).

My motivation during this time period began to tank and I found myself less and less capable of dealing effectively and promptly with issues because it felt like it didn’t matter and could be postponed.

My successful life was slowly destroying my life.


The fact of the matter is social media doesn’t really matter from the standpoint of liking the latest photo or scanning through Snapchat story. Even worse is the wasted time spent anticipating a new update which inevitably leads to further straying, whether it is the recommended Snapchat stories or the Instagram home search page. Pretty soon scanning across YouTube looks enticing and two hours later you’re left with wasted time, less motivation, and an urge to just continue.

Use your time to further your aims, achieve your dreams, and spend it on things that are worth doing.

Your time is precious – treat it as such!

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